Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wow! What Happened to Yesterday?!

When I went to bed Monday, I had a plan: Tuesday was going to be a half day of working on sci-fi ammunition belts and holsters and a half day of writing on my next novel. Easy enough, right?


When I checked voice messages at 6:30 Tuesday in the morning, there were already two from a producer telling me to check my emails (which I had checked as late as 4:30 the evening before.) My email box had two more messages about the bid, so... I got to work writing replies and making phone calls asking questions. By mid-morning, I was up to my elbow in fake guns and hot plastic, with my head cocked sideways so I could do more follow up phone calls on the bidding details.

Meanwhile, there was an email from my literary agent, with a request that required a bit of action on my part and I wanted to be sure to take care of that as soon as possible, as well. (Boy, would my life be easier if I had a "normal" job. But then, I couldn't stand that!)

By afternoon, I had the bid going well, but I couldn't get a call back from the fur company I left two messages with (I'm still waiting, people! Don't you want the business?), my ammo protoypes were looking fairly good but I'd like to make them better, and then I realized it was the 10th of January! Ack! Deadline day to get my pictures in to the Film Directory for my contact information updates.

Just as I clicked "send" to the film commission, my son tells me it's time to go look at goats to purchase for 4-H and I decide we'd better get the rest of the errands done before the rain-turning-to-snow hits.

After goat shopping, errands, a rocket launch (yes -I said a rocket launch) some take-out Chinese food and starting a book that sucked me in much faster than I thought it would (Brett Battles' The Pull of Gravity) I hadn't written one word of that scene for my novel.

Well, I guess, I know what I'm doing today... Refer to Monday -except I need to add reviewing submissions to Allegory Ezine to the schedule.

So... What are you doing today?


  1. Nothing quite as exciting as what you did yesterday! I'm blogging a little, writing a little, reading a little. Hope you get everything done today that you didn't accomplish yesterday.

  2. Lynette, you officially had the most interesting day I've read about in a long time! Goat shopping, ammo making! Love it!! And huge congrats on the agent request and the ammo project. Have fun!

  3. Well, I'm still running a bit behind, but I'm gaining ground. Yes, Jill, I AM having fun.

    Susan, what are you writing?

  4. LOL.........whatever I was doing cannot even come close to your day! You must run on caffeine to keep up that pace. Care to send some of that energy my way?

    I admit going to look at the goats for 4H would likely NOT be in my day. Enjoyed reading you!

  5. Believe it or not, Mike, I'm a no-caffeine individual. My energy comes from having fun being alive!