Friday, May 18, 2012

Technical Dificulties

I have been running into some technical difficulties with my blog. For some odd reason... until today, my blog dashboard was nothing but a white page! So was the help section and my own blog when I was logged into it. I apologize for my disappearance and will write more to you soon. I'm posting this and then logging out, so I can see if I am able to log back in and get two successful visits back-to-back. If I don't reappear soon, know that I am still fighting my way out of the great white wash!


  1. Test one. I can post a comment before I log out. (There have been times when I couldn't post comments on my own blog -even when I could comment on others.)

  2. I logged out and came back in and my dashboard is still flat white. So is the help page as well as the page from the "update Blogger interface" link at the top of the page.

    Also, this entire post doesn't show up on my blog if I go to my blog home page, so I can't tell if anyone is seeing it.

    HELP!!! Can you see me?!